Mull of Kintyre SeatoursDolphins from a boat

From the Guest Book

Crew"Best day of my life!"
T.S. (age 5) Edinburgh
"Awesome - dolphins leaping next to the boat was fantastic"
W Family, Knaresborough
"Very fast and safe - we saw a minke whale !"
H J.  Gothenberg, Sweden.
Puffin in flight"A wonderful anniversary treat"  
R W. Callander.

"Fantastic seeing puffins and seals so close"
 S M G. Leeds.

"Wonderful, saw eagles, peregrines, puffins and seals"
A. & D. W Glasgow

Shag in flight"Best boat trip we've been on !"
C. Family Darlington

"Absolutely wild, ten out of ten !"
F.F.M. Ashbourne, Derbyshire

"Excellent trip, we all really enjoyed it, especially 74-year old Mum "
G. Family London

"Dolphins, seals - a beautiful trip."
L.C. Ottawa, Canada

"Brilliant ride, lots of wildlife, porpoises too."
S. Family North Yorkshire

"Loved seeing animals and birds and going so fast - brilliant."
F.Family, Bishop Auckland

"Dolphins - could we have asked for anything more ?"
R. & G. families, Cumbria

"Absolutely fantastic, best boat trip ever !"
R. Family, Northumberland

Golf nuts"We could not have lucked out any better with the weather and the Irish Sea conditions were relatively smooth. We made the 2 hour bouncing trek with dolphins jumping, birds diving and our clubs safe."
Wayne Crandall and Jay Kerutis (Golf Tour)